Options for Employers to assist their employees with their Caregiving Responsibilites.

Caregiving Concierge

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Making Life Easier for Seniors and their families!

Some of your employees may find themselves in a very perplexing and exhausting situation of being a caregiver for their elder parent. They are torn between their obligations to their work and their family. Understanding the complexities regarding the care of seniors is a seemingly infinite challenge of learning, understanding, and implementation.  Our company the Caregiving Concierge provides the education and the solutions that employees need in order to competently resolve these issues while maintaining their focus on their jobs and careers.  

The Caregiving Concierge enables employers to provide employees with a resource of bundled specialized services.  We are a resource your employee can count on that will support them with the solutions they need to focus on their work knowing the needs of their loved ones are being professionally addressed.  

Seniors are one of the fastest growing demographics within our country today.  Caregiving Concierge exists to meet the needs of this rapidly growing population by providing the employees (caregiver) with a set of solutions.  

Whether the need is basic such as understanding options and choices for senior care, or specific such as providing senior financial, legal, social, medical, home care, available services, assistance with daily living needs, home maintenance, or any number of other specialized senior care issues, Caregiving Concierge is a one-stop resource for solutions that make a difference.  

The Caregiving Concierge combines geriatric expertise and oversight along with the broad knowledge of solutions, technology and service providers available to assist employees with eldercare responsibilities..

Solutions for Employees

The Caregiving Concierge assists employees by providing expertise and service providers to address the specific eldercare issues.  This affords the employee the ability to focus on their jobs, their projects and their careers with the knowledge that their senior loved-ones needs are being addressed.  

Caring Concierge:

  • Provides subject matter expertise regarding the needs of older adults
  • Works with employee caregivers to enable them to perform effectively in their careers
  • Provides assurance for employee caregivers that their loved ones receive the best of service from experienced experts.

Eldercare Workplace Issues- From the Employee Perspective report large losses of income and pension to the caregiver over the Caregiving/Work Career.

The AARP and the National Alliance of Caregivers cite Employee Caregiving-related adjustments at work as:

  • Arrived late, left early 58%
  • Took leave of absence 11%
  • Reduced time at work 10% from full time to part time.


Access to services that relieve stress/time consuming tasks

  • One number to call (516 458-5384)
  • Service providers that operate with working caregiver hours in mind
  • Workplace Seminars
  • Affordable Services
  • Easier Access to flex time
  • Service providers that "translate" industry terms into common language sources.

Employer's Perspective

Cost to Employers for full-time employees with intense Caregiving responsibilities:

$17.1 billion (source Metlife)

Over 42% of workers provide some form of elder care

70% of employers report increases in Caregiving-related staffing problems in the past 10 years

40% of employers say they have no plan in place to assist caregivers.

Employers will benefit from:

Offering informative seminars on eldercare

Expert Services

Ease of Implementation

Ease of access for employees


Significant reduction in loss of productivity with employees focused on their jobs  


Business -to - Business solutions addressing employer risk management and Human Resources initiatives.  Employees focus on their work assured that their senior loved ones are receiving the assistance they need and they are grateful that the pressure has been lifted.