For yourself or loved one

  1. Emotional Support for the entire family
  2. Wellness watch
  3. Home Maintenance
  4. Advocating in any facility, doctors, nursing homes
  5. Monitor home health aide interaction and living conditions.

Some Issues

Unexpectedly you find yourself in the caregiver role for your wife.  You are probably not very familiar with this role as most often the wife is the caregiver for your family and you.  Now you need to step up and are frightened, unsure, uncomfortable and don't feel comfortable with taking on the role.  We can help you work with doctors, determine a course of action, consider the possibilities,assist with the home and daily activities and be there to help you implement as much or as little as you like.  We will support you, advocate for you and be sure you are not alone.  When needed we will call on additional professionals.


For Parents​

For Your Wife


Caring for a Parent is not easy, nor is it something that most of us are prepared to undertake.  If you are employed and trying to balance work, family, and Caregiving you may need some help understanding the senior care issues and navigating the landscape of possible solutions.  Many of us, when faced with the challenge of Caregiving for a senior, feel alone, helpless, confused, unprepared, totally overwhelmed and sometimes angry or annoyed. We not only advise but can help by doing some of the things you are doing or would like to or need to do.  We can help.


  • Some degree of Calm

  • Attention to Safety & Security

  • Communication-Keeping family members and professionals informed as to the well-being and changing needs of the client.

  • The client feels comfortable with the people they are working with

  • ​Seniors derserve to be treated with kindness and patience.

YOur Senior Concierge -Elder Care

By your side supporting you in the ways you need most.

Making Life Easier for Seniors and their families!

What is Important​:

Caregiving Concierge

You are noticing some  changes in yourself, maybe having difficulty maintaining the house, paying bills, doing everyday things or have lost some friends and want some company, to learn about new possible daytime activities., could use help with some home maintenance,  or just would like a helping hand in some way,.   You want to stay in your home and want to plan to be able to do that.  You want to control the degree and kind of help you get.  This could be for yourself or a loved one.  We can help you assess what you need and provide the resources for you to get just what YOU want and need.  Nowadays this is called Aging in Place.