Has Caring foran Older Adult Family member become challenging?

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  • Caregiver assistance
  • Coordination of Care
  • Up close and local monitoring  of in Home Health care workers
  • Advocacy for Seniors
  • Nursing home or rehab monitoring and visits.
  • Basic living needs, food, medical supplies, home maintenance
  • Liaison between family and doctors/health care providers as needed
  • ​Basic Bill Paying
  • Identify and enable social activities to get more pleasure out of life
  • Arrange transportation.
  • Crisis and emergency situations and follow-up
  • Care for Properties when away and prep before and after leaving
  • ​Help with Computer Competency
  • Whatever YOU need help with​


& safety

We will help you connect with the right people and Advocate for you and your loved one.

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to care giving.  People have different needs and each family's situation is unique.  We are keenly sensitive and aware that there are many things to be considered when providing care to our clients and their families.  We are skilled  in fostering open and clear communication among all.

We are that extra hand just when you need it!

We will be your local eyes and ears for your family members.  Whether you live far away, have to travel or are just consumed with other responsibilitiies like your husband,  children, job or the like.

​​The care of your aging parents is a priority and can be


We believe in fostering optimal well being while aging and promoting the highest quality of life for older people.  We appreciate the importance of aging with dignity, respect and as much independence as is safely possible.


These are the things we are most concerned with when dealing with our aging parents and family members.

​​We meet with you and learn what you need, make a plan and most of all get to know you. 

Offering Services such as:

YOur Senior Concierge -Elder Care

By your side supporting you in the ways you need most.

Making Life Easier for Seniors and their families!

Caregiving Concierge